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Facilitating the student’s Journey


Students face many struggles in their journey, that create stress and minimize their chances of success. Benjamin, an American teacher, asked us to help him meet this need with the right digital tools. So we developed the Alta Ipsum, an effective and fun approach to developing their executive functions.


A complete app for students accessible from their Mobile and their computer, with much more features than a planner:

● Calendar view

Allows students to view their schedule, assignments, and upcoming exams in a calendar format.

● Task management

Allows students to create and track their to-do lists, set reminders, and mark tasks as completed.

● Note-taking

Allows students to take notes during class and organize them by subject or topic.

● Homework tracking

Students can track their homework assignments, set due dates, and receive reminders when assignments are due.

● Study aids

Includes flashcards, quizzes, and other tools to help students study and prepare for exams.


Joyjet's team came to the party in December 2021. We have been supporting 1923shop in the following area.

Benefits for students

● Increased organization and productivity: An agenda app can help students stay on top of their schedule assignments, and exams, which can lead to better grades and less stress.

● Improved time management: An agenda app can help students prioritize their tasks, set reminders, and manage their time more effectively.

● Better study aids: An agenda app can provide students with a variety of study aids and tools to help them prepare for exams.

● Easy sharing with teachers or classmates: Some apps allow for easy sharing of schedules, assignments, and notes with teachers or classmates.

● Available on the go: most apps are available on mobile devices, so students can access and update their schedules, assignments, and notes from anywhere.

Benjamin Anagnos

Founder, AltaIpsum
"Working with Joyjet has been a pleasure. Knowledgeable, responsive, creative, and friendly, the Joyjet team has done a wonderful job with my website and app. Their work and their service are top-notch. I highly recommend them"