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Raising revenue by 250% in 12 months
Campaigns ROAS >6

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1923shop.com is an online store for those who love motor racing, offering them the best clothing and accessories brands in the industry.

When Thomas acquired 1923shop in 2020, the e-commerce website was experiencing a lot of difficulties despite the loyalty of car racing fans. They were facing declining traffic, weak revenue, mobile unresponsiveness and had no marketing.
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Joyjet's team joined the party in December 2021. We have been supporting 1923shop in the following areas:

E-commerce website refoundation

- Designing a better Customer Journey
- Improving user experience and increasing conversions
- Delivering trustworthy design
- Updating tech

E-commerce Marketing

- Enabling optimized Data Product feed
- Setting up advanced e-commerce analytics and Tracking (including Facebook Conversion API)
- Leveraging Multichannel ads and expanding outreach: Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads
- Expanding the email base
- Designing online sales events and promotions

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+250% revenue generated

1923shop generated 2.5 times the revenue from the previous year thanks to constant efforts from its team and also the consistent support and initiatives from Joyjet in Design, Tech, and Marketing areas.

+ 12000 email addresses gathered

Emailing is a key activity for generating growth and retention.
Joyjet leveraged popups tactics to build a solid email base.

Ads ROAS +600%

To achieve this awesome ROAS of 600%, our team combined a perfect-defined target audience with an effective advertising strategy that uses a combination of tactics such as targeted creatives, remarketing, and conversion optimization.

Profil Picture of The CEO 1923

Thomas B.

Founder and CEO
"We manage an E-commerce and beyond the technical and marketing competence that they bring to us on a daily basis, Joyjet supports us in our development and our growth with a constructive and logical interest. I highly recommend Joyjet to all business owners who want to find service and competence. Thank you Joyjet"